Agriculture Strrngthening and Llivelihood Promotion
Margdarshak perceives the communities’ economic capacities to be broadly segregated into two areas – Agri based and non-Agri based. While a large section of the Indian community is involved in agriculture, providing assistance to this target group differs from the support to be provided to other enterprises. With this perspective Margdarshak is involved in providing specialised technical assistance to developmental interventions in agriculture strengthening and livelihood promotion, which is normally, customised to clients requirements.
Type of Services

(1).Conducting and capacity building on Resource Base Analysis (RBA)

Margdarshak uses RBA (Resource Base Analysis) which involves tracking the productivity and utilisation chain at the local level. Built around FGD’s and using Excel sheets for analysis, the tool enables the stakeholders in developing a generic understanding of production levels and utilisation patterns of key crops of its beneficiaries.

(2).Conducting and capacity building on Value Chain Analysis of Agri Products.

While the RBA gives a comprehensive idea on the production levels and rudimentary understanding of the utilisation pattern, it is also important to understand the exact nodes in the value chain where an intervention will ensure maximum returns to the beneficiary group. While VCA methodology has been traditionally used for manufacturing sector, Margdarshak has fine-tuned the methodology for analysing the product flow and value chain of agricultural and allied products.

(3).Market Research and Assessment

Margdarshak conducts market research and assessment particularly with an objective of understanding the marketing scenario, the key players, their roles and future plans and also identifying the potential for particular kind of products in absolute or processed forms.

(4).Conducting Livelihood Opportunities Assessment

Margdarshak also undertakes identification of land and Agri based livelihood opportunities at various levels. The organisation possesses key competencies for identifying livelihood options based on minor forest produce, medicinal and herbal plants and inland fisheries.

(5).Facilitating Strategy and Intervention Formulation

Based on the outcomes of above mentioned tools and techniques, Margdarshak facilitates partners in formulating intervention strategies and approaches. Instead of using the standard method of recommending a strategy, Margdarshak works with the key stakeholders of the programme including programme team, community representatives and donors for evolving an intervention strategy based on the information in hand.

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