Jute Diversified Products (JDP)
Margdarshak Development Services (MDS) along-with Traidcraft UK have jointly implemented an European Union sponsored project on developing Jute Diversified Products ( JDP) in the state of West Bengal. The four hand half year project March 2010 to August 2014) with the title of Jute: An eco-friendly alternative for a sustainable future was to promote economic prosperity by encouraging a switch to more environmentally sustainable practices in the jute industry.

The project was to achieve the following impact:-

Result 1: Increased capacity of SMEs to develop more sustainable eco-friendly JDPs.
Result 2: Increased access to technical and market information, and business and product development support for SMEs producing JDPs.
Result 3: Increased awareness amongst buyers and consumers about the benefits of eco-friendly JDPs.
Result 4: Increased sales of eco-friendly JDPs (especially to bulk and institutional buyers).

Activities Undertaken Achievements
  • Baseline Study and mapping exercise, Domestic Market Survey conducted by Margdarshak and its consulting wing.
  • International Market Survey carried out by Traidcraft Exchange, India.
  • Training Workshops on Business Coaching Part 1 and 2 of 5 days each, Supplementary Business Coaching of 5 days each, Market Access of 5 days, Product Development of 5 days, Product Costing of 2 days, Follow-up training on Product Pricing of 1 day and 1-day training on Financial Management of Micro-enterprise to Service Providers.
  • Training on Design Development of Jute Bags, Product Development, Natural Dyeing and Bleaching of Jute.
  • On-site orientation to 100+ SMEs on basics aspect of BFU website (www.jutebusiness.com )
  • On-site orientation on Business Coaching, Accounts Practice, Pricing and Costing to more than 50+ SMEs.
  • Need based support to SMEs such as registrations and memberships from various jute promoting organizations, facilitating for loaning from banks.
  • Orientation on government schemes of the Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) and E-filing of ITRs.
  • Training on Export Management from MSME-DI and FIEO.
  • Series of Capacity building programs that includes training on carbon footprint, awareness workshop on CFP, trainings on Natural process of Dyeing and Bleaching of Jute, Solid Waste & Energy Management, Liquid Waste Management, Onsite orientation to 40+ SMEs on eco-friendly production process.
  • International Designer Support Programme, Asian Technical Expert Support Programme and Domestic Designer Support Programme where 28 numbers of SMEs participated.
  • Based on Domestic and International Market Survey report findings, key demand gaps in the jute sector was ascertained and their suggestions were incorporated in the designer support programmes (International, Asian and Domestic) and likewise eco-friendly issues were taken care of during design support programmes.
  • More than 132 numbers of SMEs after undergoing various types of capacity building programs, 40+ has been emerged out whose technical as well as production capacity to produce demand driven, market trendy JDPs for various domestic markets has increased and has been demonstrated several times while participating in various forms of marketing events.
  • 10 numbers of Business Service Providers (BSPs) were identified from a pool of 38 selected participants, their skills and capacities were upgraded through high level trainings on Business Coaching, Market Access, Product Development, Product Costing, Financial Management, Eco-friendly aspect such as Carbon Footprint, Solid Waste and Energy Management, Liquid Waste Management and being trained, four of them finally are providing match making, affordable support services to 40+ SMEs.
  • BFU including trained Service providers was able to make its outreach to 132 numbers of SMEs, have provided and is providing high quality match making services that includes design development, business development services (BDS) and market support services.
  • 34 numbers of SMEs out of targeted 40 SMEs have developed their understanding on eco-friendly aspects of production process and thereby at least 25+ SMEs are in a position where they have developed their capacities to produce eco-friendly JDPs.
  • Four numbers of Buyer-Seller Meets conducted at Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai. The proposed Consumer Campaign activity was merged with Buyer Seller Meet that was conducted at Kolkata (twice), Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • Awareness creation through pamphlets distribution in Buyer-Seller Meets.
  • Participated in India International Trade Fair (IITF) at New Delhi.
  • Participated in Guwahati International Fair at Guwahati, Assam.
  • Participated in GIFTEX fair at Mumbai.
  • More than 1000 pamphlets have been distributed among the consumers and buyers during BSMs at Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore and thereby creating awareness about the benefits of eco-friendly JDPs.
  • Initiative of Business Facilitation Unit (BFU) through web portal (www.jutebusiness.com )
  • Four numbers of Buyer-Seller Meets conducted at Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai. The proposed Consumer Campaign activity was merged with Buyer Seller Meet that was conducted at Kolkata (twice), Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • Participation in 19 numbers of fairs, exhibitions and trade fair across the country where 25+ SMEs participated with their newly designed JDPs derived from Design Support Programme.
  • Registration done with online B2B web portal and retaining the membership for second consecutive years for marketing linkage.
  • Market Consultants support were taken for marketing linkage.
  • Market linkage through Service Provider initiative.
  • Project Business Facilitation Unit (BFU) was successful in motivating more than 20 numbers of bulk buyers through BSMs for generating interest to procure eco-friendly JDPs.
  • Out of this, managed and have executed orders of JDPs with Karnataka Wine Board, West Bengal Handicraft Corporation (Manjusha), West Bengal Handicrafts Development Cooperative Society Ltd (Bangasree), SONALI (outlet of Jute Corporation of India), Sahara India Pariwar Project and Shop for Change (Fair-trade organization) and West Bengal State Rural Livelihood Mission Society (WBSRLMS).
  • JDP enterprises were supported in market access through various channels resulting in sales turnover more than Rs. 91 lakhs during the last two years of the project.
  • In India, the project supported 10 numbers of SMEs through International and Asian Designers and more than 50 ranges of JDPs has been produced and were showcased for sale in various national and international trade fairs but not being showcased in foreign level fairs.
  • Participation in Good Service Provision Conference at Dhaka, Bangladesh in the month of Aug.2012.
  • Regional Event for sharing of learning and experience between SMEs conducted at Hotel Peerless Inn, Kolkata in the month of Apr.2014.
  • SME toolkit prepared in local dialect (Bengali) based on project learning and experiences for wider dissemination to 150+ SMEs.
  • Twenty one numbers of SMEs along with four Service Providers and three project staffs participated in the Regional event that was held at the Hotel Peerless Inn at Kolkata and five SMEs, staffs of Traidcraft from Bangladesh too participated in the event where learning and experience from the Eco-Jute project was shared.
  • Five Service Providers including project team member from West Bengal participated in the Good Service Provision Conference held in Dhaka and good practice service provision in the project was shared and learnt.
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