Research, Impact Assesment, Baseline Studies etc
The consulting division of Margdarshak has developed with time resource and capabilities to undertake various assignments related to the development sector. Numerous research and studies for clients have been undertaken across the country as well as in few neighbouring ones. The team has developed in-house skills and methodologies to undertake studies such baseline, impact assessment, scoping study, market research etc. The cross functional expertise available with the group has been successfully tapped by the consulting division to produce quality reports for the clients.
Type of Services

Documentation and MIS Development

  • Specialised support for development of user friendly & customised Management Information Systems Programme up scaling & replication
  • Programme Documentation in audio-visual and print forms.

Capacity Building

  • OD support for strengthening organisational capabilities
  • Introducing customised management systems for facilitating systemic growth

Studies and Research

  • Baseline & Scoping Studies
  • Resource & Potential Analysis
  • Impact Assessment & Evaluation
  • Action Research

Human Resource Development

  • Training need assessment
  • Developing job charts and responsibilities
  • Performance Appraisal

Business Development Services

  • Business Opportunity Identification
  • Technology sourcing and transfer
  • Market assessment &
  • Facilitating Access to Markets

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